Wednesday, August 10, 2016

There are those mornings, even though the sunrise presents beauty in it's best form,
 that one just does not feel like facing the challenges, of another new day.

 Maybe it's quite simply, a bad hair day.......

Or, maybe, there is too much hair to deal with, and it all feels too soft and totally

Perhaps you feel like the aging process has done you in.  Too many wrinkles and not
near enough moisturizer to help solve your problem:).

 Or, it may just be easier not facing everyone, or anyone.

Perhaps, you do not possess the energy needed to face the day.  You
might feel overcome with a feeling of sluggishness, and cannot get matter
how hard you try!!!

But, you know what?  People need you!  You are very important!  Your individuality is
what makes you so special!  Never mind that you might not have had the chance to clean your nose before you began your day.  That does not matter.  What does matter, is that you
embrace the unique person that you are, and that you offer that sweet heartwarming smile to
those you come in contact with.  I know that to be true, because on Friday evening, when we walked through the "exotic animal display" behind this sign...

We would have found it quite boring, if every one of the birds and animals there, would have looked
the same.  Celebrate your uniqueness!  It is a special gift from our Creator to you, and to those you meet in life.  We all need each other

Thanks for stopping by!  I wish I could meet everyone of you!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

There are many times lately, where the to-do lists, the packing, the decisions, and the too few
hours in the day, cause me to be too focused on one hand, and yet too distracted on the
other hand, to notice the blessings that are all around me. 

Simple blessings.  I want to be aware of them.  I want to appreciate them and to be so thankful
for them.  Most of all, I want to look for them, in the everydayness of life.

~Like the abundance of fresh fruits gracing every roadside stand and produce section
of our county stores.

~Like this pretty chandelier that my husband purchased for me on my 40th birthday, and he
just had transferred for me, from the house where I live now, to the house where I am moving
to.  It's lights add ambience in any room where it is placed, and it always reminds me of how
it helped me to leave the thirties and enter the forties, those many years ago:).

~Like the multitudes of vibrant colored flowers that I see everywhere.  Perfectly created, designed,
and growing, adding huge doses of beauty everywhere I look.

~Like having my Mother-in-law visits and the kind, upbeat lady that she is to
all of us.  Here we stopped at one of our favorite country roadside gardens, and
picked up these flowers to brighten up her small apartment.  Five dollar bouquets
make me so happy, and made her happy too.

~Like the fact that my granddaughters still enjoy coming and working in my kitchen with me. 
Whether it is making tiny chocolate chip cookies, or...

~Or painting used jars with glow in the dark paint. and then adding battery operated
votive candles inside.

~Like the healthy looking crops of corn that are growing in every field in our countryside.  I
don't remember seeing the corn crop this abundant for years.  Truthfully, I drive right
past it all so often, without even recognizing the gift it is to everyone.

~Or, like the gathering of a dear group of ladies from our small church, when we raised our
coffee cups in celebration of the last chemo treatment for the beloved friend, in our midst. 

~Like the gorgeous summer evenings that we have had lately!  When the sun begins to set, the
green of every hue, produces scene after scene of indescribable beauty.  I captured this picture
last night, from the back seat of my husband's motorcycle. 

Riding cycle with him on roads like this, offers a time of therapy for me.  A time of clearing my
mind, and readjusting my focus.  I cannot get over the amazing beauty that I see no matter
where I look.

You see, I really don't want to be so consumed with "life", and all that entails, that I miss the simple blessings that are everywhere around me.  At times, one must look more for blessings
than at other times, but, one thing for sure, they are always there, in one form or another.

I discovered this song recently and it was encouraging to me.  I thought maybe you
might like it too.

Thank you for stopping by!  What simple blessing are you thankful for today?

Monday, August 1, 2016

The unique blue tin cans, filled with yellow flowers, graced the picnic tables in the big,
white pavilion. We gathered last evening for the "once a year" summer reunion, from
my dad's side of the family. 

It continues to be a joy to be a part of such a big, special family!  Actually, this is only part of that extended family.  Because of summer schedules, many could not attend.

Family photo taken by my dear sister-in-law.  That was no small undertaking, I might add.

And, for an extra special treat, we had one family share their exceptional vocal talents with us.
They sang, we took it all in, enjoying every minute.  Then, the last two songs, we got to sing along, and that was so meaningful.

"Think of your family today and every day thereafter.  Don't let the busy world of today keep
you from showing how much you love and appreciate your family".     ~The Fresh Quotes

The weather this past weekend provided abundant rains on Saturday and hot, sunny, humid weather
on Sunday.  The end of July at it's finest! 

I do hope you had some of your own memorable moments, as well.

Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I was flipping through old photo albums, and discovered a picture of this bouquet of flowers
that my friend, Arlene brought for me, from her garden.  I remember when she gave them
to me, and how impressed I was that she grew them, arranged them, as a gift. 
They dressed up my kitchen table so beautifully, that I took a picture of them and
saved it.   That was the summer of 1994 according to the date in the photo album.  Knowing
her, she probably gave out hundreds:) of bouquets that summer, but this one was so
special to me!

Flowers, as you know, have always been a reason I look forward to Spring and Summer.
My love of flowers, was instilled in me by both of my dear grandmas.

Years ago, I picked up a little book titled, "Thoughtful Gestures", by Daria Price Bowman.
The subtitle was, "Words and Gifts That Say You Care."  The book contains many great
thoughts, words, ideas, and inspiration.

In the one chapter titled, "Gifts That Grow", I read this short story;

"When a woman from my neighborhood died tragically at the age of forty-one, leaving
four very young children, her many friends wanted to create an enduring memorial to
her.  On a chilly day in the fall, a group of parents and children gathered on a small hillside
at her children's school to plant five hundred daffodil bulbs.  The following spring the
daffodils pushed their way through the cold earth, and as they opened their cheery yellow
trumpets, the entire community was reminded of Mary Ellen.  And every year, as the
daffodils prosper and spread, her legacy will live on."  ~Daria Price Bowman

When I read this part of the book again, I was reminded of what a good idea the daffodil
planting was.  Truly, a gift that keeps on growing.


Today, I filled an old flea market pitcher with flowers from around the house, to give to a

"True isn't much that I can do.  But I can share my flowers with you...And sometimes share
your burdens too..."   ~Maude T. Preston

Whether it is pretty, delicate Queen Anne's Lace growing by the farmer's field, or...

Or bouquets at the local farmer's market down the street from where our daughter lives, that
happens every Saturday morning, during the summer months...

Or a cluster of Black Eyed Susan flowers cut spontaneously for you, from a friend's garden...

Or a lovely, fragrant pastel colored rose clipped from the rosebush, outside the window...

Or a colorful arrangement sitting by the sink, from the newly created cutting garden of your

Or a brilliantly colored, festive arrangement that arrives at your door, after your Mother's
passing, flowers speak love and care.  A gift of flowers makes every occasion better!

Another idea I would like to share with you from the book I mentioned above;

~"When you receive a bouquet of flowers from a friend, save a particularly beautiful bloom
to press in a heavy book.  (Put it between two pieces of waxed paper to avoid staining the
pages.)  When the flower is fully dry, enclose it in a note to your friend."

Or, an idea I like to use, is to take a pictures of the flowers or the flower that were given to you,
copy it, and place it on the front of a plain white card, with the your sentiments of thank you
expressed inside.

One more flower idea that is also quite effective in blessing one's day, is to receive a card in the
mail with a picture of flowers from the sender's gardens, displayed on their porch.  Really,
it just as much of a spirit lifter, as actually receiving a bouquet of flowers, because it
says, that someone cares and is thinking about you.  Don't we all love that?

Happy Tuesday to each one of you!

Monday, July 25, 2016

When the weekend temperature is near 100 degrees and the humidity is high...

When the flowers in your garden look wilted and seem to be crying out for water...

....... we all are so thankful for the privilege of being invited to my brother and SIL's "farm pond" for the day!  Yes, that was certainly the place to be.  All of the extended family (that it suited) headed west, for a day of fun being together.

Young and old alike.  For this little guy, it was his first kayak least on this pond.

Here father and daughter seemed thrilled to be together.

Second cousins learning to know each other for the first time.

I loved watching the older ones taking an interest in helping the younger ones.

Then of course, we are always thankful for our Aunt Lou who kindly makes us her
specialty iced coffee drinks.  They are exceptionally delicious in any type of weather,
but even better in this heat.

We are all most grateful for our host and hostess, and our day at the farm!!!!

I hope you are able to stay cool today!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

For years, this nice wooden chime clock sat in the upstairs closet.  The clock was a gift to
my dad, from the company.  Inside, his name and the date was engraved on brass. 
This clock was placed in the closet because we had misplaced the brass
key that was used to wind it each week.  As we were cleaning out the closets, we found
the key.  Now, once again, it sits in our home, ringing out it's pretty chimes, every 15
minutes. Are we happy with the chiming process now?

Well, last week, at the same time, my husband and I both remarked, that the chimes seem to
be ringing constantly.  It is a continuous reminder to us, of how fast time is going, and
quite honestly, we aren't sure we appreciate it.

Recently, we had another stark reminder of the rapid pace of time.

It happened when our daughter and her grandma, sat at the same dinner table, as me and
my granddaughter.  I sat there observing it all, and I can't express to you, how it felt.

How did it happen so quickly?  A blink, and here it is.  And, if I live to see it,
in a few brief years...

I might be sitting with my great-grandchildren, trying to balance them all on my lap, as
my Mother-in-Law is doing here a few weeks ago.  I really like this picture!

These thoughts on time, and the speed with which it travels, clearly remind me of a poem
that my grandmother taught me.  She had it printed and framed in her home;

"The clock of life is wound but once, and no man has the power,
 To tell just when the clock will stop, at late or early hour.

To lose one's wealth is sad indeed.
To lose one's health is more.
But, to lose one's soul is such a loss
That no man can restore.

The present only is our own,
 So Live, Love, toil with a will--
 Place no faith in 'Tomorrow'--
 For the clock may then be still."

~Robert H. Smith 1932-1982

I pray that the older I get, the more I am reminded of the importance of each minute I have, 
and that somehow I take time to pass on that concept to my grandchildren.

"My times are in Your hands."  Psalm 31:15a.  This verse was one that my Mother
quoted so often in her life:). 

Here is a gift for you today!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by to visit me.


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