Tuesday, March 21, 2017

No matter the season, she is able to bring nature at it's finest, indoors, and add so
many extra special touches to her home effortlessly.  I have seen her do it with
berries, with seashells, with ferns, with sticks, and even with fruit.  On Monday,
she did it with brilliantly colored Spring flowers.  Here is the table that was inside
her back door, and it provided all of us who entered, a warm, caring welcome.

I know that the welcome would have been just as sincere without the vignettes, but
I share these touches with you, because I know you would like to see her style.
Am I right?

The lighting of the lamp, made this look so pretty!
As you can tell, she also likes white dishes too.
Perfect combination!

Pansies always make me smile!  They add just the right touch, no matter where you
put them.

Here she lined the shelf in front of her sink, with pansies in votive holders, small pinecones,
and a wire of tiny pin lights.  All of us noticed and commented.

This simple vignette was in the middle of her kitchen island. 

She even knows how to dress up her water pitcher.  So pretty and so refreshing!

There is something so refreshing, when you drink ice water with an orange, lemon,
or lime slice, and a mint leaf in it!  It also looked so nice!

The centerpiece that she placed on the center of her wooden farm table.

Look what I found when I used her small powder room off of the kitchen...a succulent
planted in a tin votive holder.

I cannot believe how creatively her mind works!

I discovered this wonderful smelling candle burning on top of the toilet tank, along
with a sprig of green and a pinecone.  Such attention to detail found in her home!
She tells me she just puts it there, but I see it differently.  I see it as decorating

Thanks to my daughter, I have my own pot of purple pansies by my sink too.  I am
convinced that no matter what color of pansies you choose, or what type of
container you put them in, your kitchen will look more like Spring, and you
might smile at bit more, when you wash your dishes.

Thank you for stopping by!  Grateful for you all, and for the talents, artistry,
and kindness that you all share with the world.  It truly adds inspiration and
encouragement to my earthly journey here.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Good Morning Blogging Friends!

Good Morning Spring 2017!

Good Morning to the beautiful, radiant sunshine!

Today, I am so thankful for the Springtime of the year!  Brand new growth, and especially
fun for me this year, as I see what it is that appears in the flower beds outside.  The
couple that previously lived here for many years, took such good care of all the planting
areas surrounding this home.  We both look forward to enjoying their many years
of those labors of love.

Today, I walked into the foyer area of our home, and look what I was greeted with...

I just had to share the beauty with you.  Glorious, brilliant sunshine, streaming through the
dining room sheers, and into the foyer.  Made me so happy, and so thankful!  It reminded
me of how much I like "light", in whatever form I find it.  I thought maybe I would share
a few of the ways I do lighting here in our home, although none of those ways compare
to the light I encountered here today!  Thank you God, for sharing that with me, and the
world today!

My corner kitchen counter vignette, made more beautiful by the pretty Spring bouquet
that a dear friend dropped off on Friday.  The "Gooseberry Company", adds lovely
colored, seasonal pictures in their cookbook, which adds more color to my kitchen.
I really enjoy dressing up the somewhat dark corner of my kitchen counter, with
light and flowers.  Just makes me happy!

On my list of past times that I enjoy, it would be browsing in consignment furniture
and gift shops.  Recently, I found this perfectly colored Tiffany lamp.  It looks
so nice in my one guest bedroom!  Wouldn't you agree?

There is a good sized window in front of my kitchen sink, and I also like adding bits
and pieces to the wooden window sill.  This vignette makes me smile every time I
wash dishes.  Special reminders of people who shared these pieces with me, and
that Spring is here to stay for a while.

This lit, white church picture in my guest powder room, is one of my favorite ways
to share light in my "new" home.  When I flip the switch, I like how all the tiny
candles in the church windows, light up the powder room wall.

The "old" vintage style lantern with it's vintage style bulb, adds a special
ambience to the master bathroom.  It is actually an outdoor lantern, but I
choose to use it inside.  When I saw it at Lowe's Store, I just knew it was
what I wanted for the wall between the two mirrored medicine cabinets.

So much of my d├ęcor involves wood and crystal.  Here on our bedroom bureau, I
placed my lovely old crystal bowl.  I placed three white lace covered balls, and
a tiny wire string of pin lights.  When I flip the tiny switch at the bottom of the
bowl, I love how the lights add soft, warm lighting to the wooden surface,
especially as it reflects in the mirror.

Of course, I always like real candlelight!  Here, on the coffee buffet area of my
kitchen, I like the design the glass globe casts, when the candle is lit.  It is a
cozy, pretty way to light up the old wooden cabinet.

The big glass canister from the kitchen section of "Walmart", filled with two
styles of colored globe string lights, from the "Big Lot's Store", add a fun,
colorful way to light the grandchildren's bedroom!  I took the two plugs
out of the back, and held it in place with the glass lid, and plugged it in
behind the small bedside table.  I wish you could see the pretty way this
lights up their room.

Wishing you nuggets of joy and light, as you face another Monday morning!

Thank you for stopping by, even after such a long blogging break.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dream little girl!
The jewelry display in the old store, captivated her.  She stood staring at
it's colors, it's sparkle, and it's beauty.
What came to my mind, as I watched her wonderment..."The best things
in life aren't things", but, I loved watching her taking it all in.

"Dare to make that difference.  Take that step.  Follow that dream."   ~Holley Gerth

"You are made for a God-sized dream."  ~Holley Gerth

If you are interested, you can find some lovely, inspiring books and
quotes from Holley Gerth  here...  http://holley-gerth.myshopify.com/

Some simple life lessons, from the little ones in my life right now...


It's a brand new day...Dare to make a difference.  YOU do for me, with your visits and
comments here.  Really you do!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

It is their parent's 12th wedding anniversary, and they are away for the
weekend.  The children are staying here.  Her and I decided to make a
special gift for their anniversary celebration.

First we baked banana cupcakes.  When they were baked, we placed each
one in the small clay pots that we had purchased at A.C. Moore.

Carefully, she used the ice cream scoop to fill each muffin paper.  After
they were baked and cooled, she covered them with chocolate icing.  The
next step was to crush some thin chocolate Oreo cookies, into crumbs,
and cover each cupcake.

I took Starburst candies, cut them in half, rolled them, and shaped
them into carrots and radishes(with a stretch of one's imagination:).  Small
mint tea leaves served as the needed greens.

I purchased a few tiny shovels and rakes from the miniature section of the A.C.
Moore Store.  We cut down a cardboard box, and placed the completed muffins
in the box. 

Not professionally done, but filled with lots of love.  They are sure their parents
will like the gift!

The idea and instructions for this project, came from the book
"Sweet Celebrations", which I found months ago, on the shelf
of the local Barnes and Nobel Store.  The 50% off
tag at the top of the book, and the beautiful colored pictures inside,  
convinced me to buy it.

The book contains so many good ideas for desserts and small gifts.  I liked the above
idea for a tea party in the future.

We had bad storms here in the afternoon today.  In fact, we had tornado
warnings here, but fortunately we escaped them.

When rain comes, and the children cannot be outside, I am so thankful for the "Fixer Upper"
show on HGTV.  Our grandchildren really enjoy watching their show.  Who would have

And, then like is often the case, after the storms came the exquisite sunset tonight. 
Breathtaking beauty, and a cold front followed.

Treasuring the moments that I can have them here, and so grateful for so much beauty
in daily life!

Thanks for stopping by!

"Instead of filling with expectations, the joy-filled expect nothing---and are filled.
This breath!  This work!  This sky!  These people!  This place!  This day!  Surprise!
~Ann Voskamp

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sometimes, one is blessed with a gift of a few days, to step out of the daily routine
of life, and spend a few days in the mountains.  That is what we were given this
past weekend.  Friends invited us to join them at their mountain home, with some
other couples.

We took turns making the meals.  Can you imagine how good this cinnamon roll
smelled as it came out of the oven on Saturday morning!!!

What a masterpiece, that tasted even better than it looked!

Our host and hostess for the weekend, provided us warm, gracious hospitality.

Time to hike together, at the local state park, and take in the unusually warm,
February sunshine.

And, time to play many hands of Rook, along with a huge dose of laughter.
It was good for the soul!

Nature does provide a time to break away from the fast paced life, and take in the beauty
of it all.  We all came home, refreshed and grateful for the hours to do just that.

Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Their bees produced it!  They collected and bottled it!  Thanks to our son-in-law for
sharing his delicious homegrown honey with me.

I purchased this box of tiny glass jars from the Michael's Store.

With a funnel, I poured the honey into each jar, added a touch of color and decoration
to each jar.

I cut out paper strips of this verse from the Bible, appropriately chosen to go with
the jars of honey.  I folded them, and placed them on top of each jar, with a heart

A simple way to let the ladies at our Bible Study, know how special they are to me,
this Valentine's Day.

Yesterday, we picked up the five local grandchildren, and brought them home for
a few hours.  Another simple, homemade way of saying that we love them.  I copied
a picture of each one of them, on my copier, and glued it onto a large paper
envelope, and placed a few special things in each one of the envelopes.  I cannot
believe how quickly they are growing up.

It does not matter how we say it, or what method we choose to convey it, the important
thing today, is to let the people you care about, know it, not just today, but often.

"If only I knew...
that anyone can bring
words of comfort,
encouragement and healing,
who knows how many lives
I might have touched."   ~  Lance Wubbels

"Gracious words", like the verse above mentioned, are more valuable than gold, in
today's world.

Happy Valentine's Day to each one of you!

A little something, just for you!


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